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TANDEMBOX ANTARO 378M 65cm GREY SIDES 07927885 378M6502SA


The tried and tested metal box system offers a multitude of applications and great scope for design - ranging from standard to individualised solutions. All TANDEMBOX applications are based on the proven TANDEMBOX cabinet profile, giving you a feather-light glide and enhanced opening and closing ease.

Drawer side height: M (83 mm)
Nominal Length: 650 mm
Connection drawer side to frontal: ZSF-front fixing bracket clip on with crash damping
Connection drawer side to back: Clip on (steel back or wooden back fixing bracket)
Length of drawer side hat (internal drawer length): 640 mm
Install.dim.drawer side(inn.carc.depth till outer base edge: 37.5 mm
Height adjustment: +/- 2 mm
Fixing of base to drawer side: prong connection or screw-on
Bottom thickness: 16 mm

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