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Blum 110° Inset Hinge Pack including Tip-On - One Pair in Onyx Black


One Pair of Blum unsprung 110° hinges with mounting plates, all cover caps and screws for fitting PLUS Tip-on mechanism and mounting plate to make the door touch to open.


  • 2 x 70T3750.TLOB Blum 110° Unsprung Hinges in Onyx Black
  • 2 x 173L6100OB 0mm Hinge Mounting Plates in Onyx Black
  • 2 x 70T3504OB Hinge Boss Cover Cap in Onyx Black
  • 2 x 70.1663OB Hinge Arm Cover Cap in Onyx Black
  • 10 x 3.5mm x 16mm Reisser Wood Screws for fitting
  • 1 x 956A1004B Adjustable magnetic Tip-on piston including catch plates
  • 1 x 956A1201B Tip-on inline adaptor plate