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 Pullboy Z Integrated Recycling Bin 450mm Door 58L (2 x 29L)

The Wesco Pullboy Z in-cupboard waste bin system offers the ultimate range of recycling 'built in bins' for Kitchens, workplaces and other applications.

The Pullboy Z Easy, has a clean and sleek frame throughout removing those nooks and crannies that previously were hard to clean. The bin inserts have strong and sturdy handles and there are a great range of capacities, suitable for dividing general and recyclable waste.

This 58 Litre version is made up of 2 x 29L plastic inner bins with sturdy plastic handles, making cleaning and removal of waste easy. It is suitable for 450mm wide cabinets based on 16-19mm thick carcass walls.

The Pullboy Z Built-In recycling bin needs to be mounted within a Blum Tandembox Antaro drawer, included are the fittings for this system that allow it to be mounted to a slab door. This drawer system incorporates the soft close functionality within its runners, making for a smooth-running bin system that closes silently and effortlessly.

This options does not include the drawer kit and requires a Blum Antaro Drawer for it to be installed. If you don't already have this then please select the option INCLUDING DRAWER.

Operation: The Pullboy Z bin system is mounted to the cabinet door, as the door is pulled out the bin compartments come out simultaneously. There is an odour trap lid that sits across the complete bin system to prevent smells from escaping.

Individual lids can be purchased for each bin compartment, this is especially handy for the smaller 5L, 8L and 11L bins when they are being used for household compostable waste.

Why not add some technology with the Blum Servo-Drive Uno for effortless electronic opening.

This Pullboy Z comprises of:

1 x Steel Frame 
2 x 29L Plastic Inner Bin with Plastic Handles in Light Grey
1 x Steel Odour Trap Lid
1 x Fixing Bracket Set for Slab Doors